What Brotherhood Means to Us

Sami Massih, Alpha Nu

I have yet to find a group of people that care more about my success personally and professionally than AKPsi. Becoming a brother helped me meet many amazing people, and also kickstarted my professional career.

Mitchell Webster, Alpha Iota

AKPsi has not only provided me guidance, perspective, and insight, but a group of people I can look up to, lean on, and be friends with even past college. This experience in AKPsi has been one that has shaped my whole college experience for the better and led me down a path I wished for myself. I cannot thank Tau Chi enough for that!

Ariana Mansour, Alpha Mu

AKPsi has given me the skills and confidence needed to be successful in my career. Even though I am not a business major, professionalism touches every industry and I know what I have learned through AKPsi I can leverage in my future.